Aircraft maintenance

Air Archipels has its own aircraft maintenance center. Its maintenance department, which is one of the largest in French Polynesia after that of Air Tahiti, provides it with a guarantee of safety while giving it great responsiveness for all of its activities. He represents an undeniable asset for the company.

aircraft maintenance A regulation-compliant aircraft maintenance center

Aircraft maintenance centers are subject to precise regulations to guarantee maximum safety for travellers. Air Archipels’ maintenance service is EASA Part-145 approved, like the maintenance services of European airlines. Subject to specific regulations, it applies a proven organization and its operation is regularly subject to control audits carried out in accordance with the regulations.

aircraft maintenance Maintenance and servicing 7 days a week

Of the company’s 38 employees, 22 are assigned to maintenance and flight preparation at the aircraft maintenance center. This workforce allows a permanent activity of the maintenance center with a work organization by team and interventions on the planes 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It greatly contributes to the company’s responsiveness potential.

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