Our fleet

Air Archipels’ fleet is made up of 4 aircraft that are part of the world’s most popular family of pressurized turboprop business jets.

These are devices that are perfectly adapted to the local network, offering optimum speed and a level of comfort.


Our fleet consists of 4 aircraft

The Beechcraft B200: comfort above all

The Beechcraft B200 are pressurized business jets offering a very high level of comfort. They are particularly suitable for transporting a small number of passengers in optimal transport conditions.

Our fleet is equipped with 3 Beechcraft B200.

A Beechcraft B260
a higher level of performance

This model has the same characteristics as its predecessor but with major technological developments to reduce the pilot’s workload and improve the flight experience, with an automatic digital cabin pressurization system and a quieter and modernized cabin. A device is dedicated to special missions (EVASAN / FUNERARY). The other is dedicated to tailor-made customers.


Textron Beechcraft King Air B260

Registration: F-OSMU

Commissioning: 2022

Setup: Special Missions

Textron Beechcraft King Air B200C

Registrations: F-OIQK/ F-OIQL/ F-OIQM

Commissioned in 2005

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