Your security

The notions of safety are inherent in air transport activities and we do not compromise on any point concerning safety on board our aircraft. Air Archipels complies with all existing European regulations concerning aeronautical transport in terms of security.

Permanent audits

All of the company’s services are subject to a high audit frequency. Each of them has the objective of verifying that each service perfectly and permanently meets the requirements required to ensure your safety on board our aircraft. These audits are carried out by the supervisory authority. The company also has its own quality department which carries out an internal monitoring cycle for each of the company’s areas of activity.

List of prohibited items


Your safety on board our aircraft

In addition to the audits and the continuous and specific training of our pilots, the programming of our activity in terms of maintenance, rotation and flight organization meets the most stringent safety requirements. Staff qualification, equipment maintenance, safety and security procedures: Air Archipels meets all the requirements of existing European regulations in the area of air transport. With more than 3,000 flight hours accumulated per year throughout Polynesia, the Air Archipels crews have acquired unparalleled experience in this region of the Pacific.

Continuously trained pilots

Air Archipels has 3 instructor pilots among its staff. All of the airline’s pilots benefit from continuous training throughout the year. These courses represent more than 300 days of instruction per year, on the ground or in the air. Destinations requiring piloting experience are subject to periodic specific training.
In addition, to guarantee your safety on board our aircraft, each flight is carried out with a double crew, with a pilot and a co-pilot.

Transportation of dangerous goods:
prohibited or subject to conditions

Some goods are strictly prohibited, others are permitted under certain conditions.
When you plan to fly, two types of goods should hold your attention: bulky goods and dangerous goods. The air transport of the latter requires precautions to guarantee the safety of all on board.

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